Retrieving data using the ArchiveViewer

The EPICS Archiver Appliance comes with a client plugin for the ArchiveViewer that enables the user to retrieve and display data in the ArchiveViewer using the PB/HTTP protocol. To download a version of the Archive Viewer with the client plugin for the EPICS Archiver Appliance, please see the Download's section.

To retrieve data, start the Archive Viewer and connect to the EPICS Archiver Appliance using a URL that looks like so pbraw:// This URL is generated by replacing the string http with the string pbraw in the data_retrieval_url element of your appliances.xml.
Connecting using pbraw
Once you have established a connection to the server, you should be able to use the Archive Viewer as before to retrieve and display data.
The Archive Viewer is also used to retrieve data from the Channel Archiver; this has a concept of indexes that form part of the data retrieval request. There is no equivalent concept in the EPICS Archiver Appliance; so we have a dummy client-side only entry called Default that is used.