Class PolicyConfig

  • public class PolicyConfig
    extends Object
    A PolicyConfig object is typically the right hand side of a policy. It contains all the various configuration entries for archiving a PV. In addition, we have mechanisms for serializing to and unmarshalling from a string representation; said string representation is what is stored in the database.
    • Field Detail


        public static final float DEFAULT_MONITOR_SAMPLING_PERIOD
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PolicyConfig

        public PolicyConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • getSamplingPeriod

        public float getSamplingPeriod()
      • getDataStores

        public String[] getDataStores()
      • generateStringRepresentation

        public String generateStringRepresentation()
      • setSamplingPeriod

        public PolicyConfig setSamplingPeriod​(float samplingPeriod)
      • getPolicyName

        public String getPolicyName()
      • setPolicyName

        public void setPolicyName​(String policyName)
      • getArchiveFields

        public String[] getArchiveFields()
      • setArchiveFields

        public void setArchiveFields​(String[] archiveFields)
      • getAppliance

        public String getAppliance()
      • setAppliance

        public void setAppliance​(String appliance)
      • getControlPV

        public String getControlPV()
      • setControlPV

        public void setControlPV​(String controlPV)