Class ExecutePolicy

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    public class ExecutePolicy
    extends Object
    implements AutoCloseable
    Given the information computed by the engine about the PV, compute the archiving policy using Information to the is passed in as a dictionary with these keys
    1. dbrtype -- The ArchDBRType of the PV
    2. eventRate -- The sampled event rate in events per second.
    3. eventCount -- The total number of events.
    4. storageRate -- The sampled storage in bytes per seconds.
    5. aliasName -- The value of the .NAME field for aliases
    6. policyName -- If the user has overridden the policy when requesting archiving, this is the name of the policy
    All the extra fields are use the fieldName as the key (for example, ADEL comes in as .ADEL). The result of policy execution is a another dictionary with these keys
    1. samplingPeriod -- The sampling period to use for this PV.
    2. samplingMethod -- The sampling method to use for this PV.
    3. policyName -- The name of the policy that was used for this PV.
    4. controlPV -- Another PV that can be used to conditionally archive this PV.
    5. dataStores -- An array of StoragePlugin URL's that can be parsed by StoragePluginURLParser. These form the stages of data storage for this PV.
    6. archiveFields -- A optional array of fields that will be archived as part of archiving the .VAL field for this PV.
    7. appliance -- Optional; assign this PV to this appliance. This is a string and is the identity of the appliance you want to assign this PV to.