Interface Event

    • Method Detail

      • getEpochSeconds

        long getEpochSeconds()
        Get java epoch seconds of the timestamp of this event. Note that we are skipping nanos. To get to the nanos use the getEventTimeStamp method.
        The java epoch seconds of this event.
      • getEventTimeStamp

        Timestamp getEventTimeStamp()
        Get the epoch seconds and the nanos.. We use java.sql.Timestamp as the main timestamp class. See TimeUtils for more time related utilities.
        The java epoch seconds and the nanos of this event
      • getRawForm

        ByteArray getRawForm()
        Return a serialized form of this event in the internal currency of the archiver appliance. For now, this is Google's Protocol Buffers Note that the raw form is always escaped according to the archiver specification. This is to have a minimum of conversion overhead when streaming data out to servers.
        A serialization of this event in the internal currency of the archiver appliance.
      • getSampleValue

        SampleValue getSampleValue()
        Get this event's value. The value for an EPICS sample is a complex thing and can be scalars and vectors of numbers and strings. With EPICS v4, this can get even more complicated.
        The valus of this event
      • makeClone

        Event makeClone()
        Make a clone of this event free from the confines of its containing stream.
        A clone of this event