Class OptimizedWithLastSample

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    FillNoFillSupport, PostProcessor, PostProcessorWithConsolidatedEventStream

    public class OptimizedWithLastSample
    extends Object
    implements PostProcessor, PostProcessorWithConsolidatedEventStream, FillNoFillSupport
    OptimizedWithLastSample expects one parameter at initialization, which is the number of requested points. If there are less samples in the time interval than requested (with a certain deadband), all samples will be returned. If there are more samples than requested, the samples will be collected into bins. Mean, std, min, max and count of each bin is calculated and returned as a single sample. This differs from the Optimized post processor in that if a bin is empty, instead of repeating the last bin with samples, the bin uses the last value of the last recorded sample instead (as mean, min and max; stddev is zero and number of samples is also zero).
    • Field Detail

      • consolidatedData

        protected LinkedHashMap<Long,​org.epics.archiverappliance.retrieval.postprocessors.SummaryStatsPostProcessor.SummaryValue> consolidatedData
    • Constructor Detail

      • OptimizedWithLastSample

        public OptimizedWithLastSample()