Class ErrorBars

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      • ErrorBars

        public ErrorBars()
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        public String getIdentity()
        Description copied from interface: PostProcessor
        The string used by clients to identify this post processor when making retrieval requests. For example to identify the FirstSamplePP postprocessor, users would add a pp=firstSample to the request for data. The situation is a little more complex; if a post processor has parameters then it needs to combine these into a string and offer that as an extension. The identity is just the starting part of this.
        1. For example, pp=firstSample_600 asks the server to sparsify with an interval of 600 seconds.
        2. identity is firstSample.
        3. extension is firstSample_600.
        4. User specifies firstSample_600.
        5. ETL caches the data as firstSample_600 if asked to.
        Specified by:
        getIdentity in interface PostProcessor
        Specified by:
        getIdentity in class SummaryStatsPostProcessor