Class DefaultRawPostProcessor

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    public class DefaultRawPostProcessor
    extends Object
    implements PostProcessor
    This is the "default" post processor that does nothing to the underlying event stream.
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      • DefaultRawPostProcessor

        public DefaultRawPostProcessor()
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      • initialize

        public void initialize​(String userarg,
                               String pvName)
                        throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: PostProcessor
        Initialize this post processor for the given PV and request parameters.
        Specified by:
        initialize in interface PostProcessor
        userarg - This is the full form (extension) of the identity for the post processor.
        pvName - The name of PV
        IOException -  
      • estimateMemoryConsumption

        public long estimateMemoryConsumption​(String pvName,
                                              PVTypeInfo typeInfo,
                                              Timestamp start,
                                              Timestamp end,
                                              javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req)
        Description copied from interface: PostProcessor
        Estimate the amount of memory required for the data generated by the post processors.
        Specified by:
        estimateMemoryConsumption in interface PostProcessor
        pvName - The name of PV
        typeInfo - PVTypeInfo
        start - Timestamp
        end - Timestamp
        req - HttpServletRequest
        Estimated Memory comsumption
      • getIdentity

        public String getIdentity()
        Description copied from interface: PostProcessor
        The string used by clients to identify this post processor when making retrieval requests. For example to identify the FirstSamplePP postprocessor, users would add a pp=firstSample to the request for data. The situation is a little more complex; if a post processor has parameters then it needs to combine these into a string and offer that as an extension. The identity is just the starting part of this.
        1. For example, pp=firstSample_600 asks the server to sparsify with an interval of 600 seconds.
        2. identity is firstSample.
        3. extension is firstSample_600.
        4. User specifies firstSample_600.
        5. ETL caches the data as firstSample_600 if asked to.
        Specified by:
        getIdentity in interface PostProcessor
      • getExtension

        public String getExtension()
        Description copied from interface: PostProcessor
        This is the full form of the identity for the post processor and includes any parameters for the post processor. The exact format and interpretation of this is left to the post processor; however the convention is to use underscores to separate the params and have them in a specific order.
        Specified by:
        getExtension in interface PostProcessor
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