Interface MimeResponse

    • Field Detail


        static final String[] PROXIED_HEADERS
        Headers that should be proxied across in a clustered environment should be added to this list.
    • Method Detail

      • setOutputStream

        void setOutputStream​(OutputStream os)
      • getExtraHeaders

        HashMap<String,​String> getExtraHeaders()
        Get extra headers that are to be added to the response. For this to work correctly in a clustered environment, you'll need to add the header to the set of proxiedHeaders below
        HashMap ExtraHeaders
      • processingPV

        void processingPV​(BasicContext retrievalContext,
                          String pv,
                          Timestamp start,
                          Timestamp end,
                          EventStreamDesc streamDesc)
        Called when we swich to a new PV.
        pv - The name of PV
        start - Timestamp
        end - Timestamp
        streamDesc - Could be null if we have no data in first store we hit.
      • swicthingToStream

        void swicthingToStream​(EventStream strm)
      • close

        void close()