Class ChangeInYearsException

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    public class ChangeInYearsException
    extends RuntimeException
    External integrations may not have the same contract as PB the plugin re year partitions. This exception is used to communicate year transition info OOB info to folks interested in it. This matters only in the context of the server and only for the RAW retrieval mime type. Others may happily ignore this exception. Unfortunately, the iterator interface does not allow for custom exceptions so we have to make this a RuntimeException. Therefore, others must happily ignore this exception.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ChangeInYearsException

        public ChangeInYearsException​(short previousYear,
                                      short currentYear)
    • Method Detail

      • getPreviousYear

        public short getPreviousYear()
        the previousYear
      • getCurrentYear

        public short getCurrentYear()
        the currentYear