Class PvaArchivePVAction

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    public class PvaArchivePVAction
    extends Object
    implements PvaAction
    Add one or more pvs to the archiver. The requests for archiving pv's, the request consists of an NTTable with a list of pv's to be archived, optional attributes include sampling period and,or samplingmethod example: request epics:nt/NTTable:1.0 string[] labels [pv,samplingperiod,samplingmethod] structure value string[] pv [mshankar:arch:sine,mshankar:arch:cosine] string[] samplingperiod [1.0,2.0] string[] samplingmethod [SCAN,MONITOR] string descriptor archivePVs result epics:nt/NTTable:1.0 string[] labels [pvName,status] structure value string[] pvName [mshankar:arch:sine,mshankar:arch:cosine] string[] status [Archive request submitted,Archive request submitted] Based on ArchivePVAction
    Kunal Shroff, mshankar
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      static org.apache.log4j.Logger logger  
      static String NAME  
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      • PvaArchivePVAction

        public PvaArchivePVAction()
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        Description copied from interface: PvaAction
        Name of the action
        Specified by:
        getName in interface PvaAction
        the name of the service
      • request

        public void request​(org.epics.pvdata.pv.PVStructure args,
                            org.epics.pvaccess.server.rpc.RPCResponseCallback callback,
                            ConfigService configService)
        Specified by:
        request in interface PvaAction
      • parseArchivePvResult

        public static org.epics.nt.NTTable parseArchivePvResult​(String resultString)
        example string returned { "pvName": "mshankar:arch:sine", "status": "Archive request submitted" } { "pvName": "mshankar:arch:cosine", "status": "Archive request submitted" }
        resultString -