Class AppendAndAliasPV

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    public class AppendAndAliasPV
    extends Object
    implements BPLAction
    Appends the data for an older PV into a newer PV. The older PV is deleted and an alias is added mapping the older PV into the newer PV.
    All of these steps are driven by the destination appliance. The sequence of steps are
    1. Make sure the DBR Type's for both PVs are the same.
    2. Make sure the older PV and newer PV's are paused.
    3. Consolidate data for both older and newer PV to the specified store (LTS).
    4. Copy data from old PV until earliest timestamp of new PV as temporary PV
    5. Copy data from new PV from earliest timestamp of new PV into temporary PV
    6. Rename temporary PV to new PV
    7. Delete old PV
    8. Add alias for old PV pointing to new PV
  • olderpv The name of the older pv. The data for this PV will be appended to the newer PV and then deleted.
  • newerpv The name of the newer pv.
  • storage The name of the store until which we'll consolidate data before appending. This is typically a string like LTS.