Class CapacityPlanningData

  • public class CapacityPlanningData
    extends Object
    Data from various appliances that is used for capacity planning. We assume that policies have been applied for this PV and that typeinfo is available. We gather data from various appliances (engine + ETL + storage) as it applies to this PV. Capacity planning consists of measured data and estimated data. The estimated data is available from the configService as ApplianceAggregateInfo The measured data is available thru this class. As the measured data does not change very often, we cache this locally for a time period as defined by MEASURED_DATA_CACHE_TIME
    • Method Detail

      • getEngineWriteThreadUsage

        public float getEngineWriteThreadUsage​(float writePeriod)
      • getEtlMetrics

        public ConcurrentHashMap<String,​org.epics.archiverappliance.mgmt.archivepv.CapacityPlanningData.ETLMetrics> getEtlMetrics()
      • getCurrentTotalStorageRate

        public float getCurrentTotalStorageRate()
      • getApplianceAggregateDifferenceFromLastFetch

        public ApplianceAggregateInfo getApplianceAggregateDifferenceFromLastFetch​(ConfigService configService)
                                                                            throws IOException
        Return the difference between the appliance aggregate info as of "now" and from the time we last fetched the static data.
        configService - ConfigService
        IOException -  
      • getPercentageTimeForWriter

        public float getPercentageTimeForWriter()
      • setPercentageTimeForWriter

        public void setPercentageTimeForWriter​(float percentageTimeForWriterAfterPVadded)
      • getSecondsConsumedByWriter

        public float getSecondsConsumedByWriter()
      • isAvailable

        public boolean isAvailable()
      • setAvailable

        public void setAvailable​(boolean isAvailable)
      • getStaticDataLastUpdated

        public String getStaticDataLastUpdated()