Class ArchivePVState

  • public class ArchivePVState
    extends Object
    State for the archive PV workflow
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      • nextStep

        public void nextStep()
      • hasNotConnectedSoFar

        public boolean hasNotConnectedSoFar()
      • startArchivingPV

        public static void startArchivingPV​(String pvName,
                                            ConfigService configService,
                                            ApplianceInfo applianceInfoForPV)
                                     throws IOException
        Start archiving the PV as specified in the PVTypeInfo in configService. This method expects to be called after the PVTypeInfo for this PV has been completely determined and has settled in the cache.
        pvName - The name of PV
        configService - ConfigService
        applianceInfoForPV - ApplianceInfo
        IOException -  
      • getStartOfWorkflow

        public Timestamp getStartOfWorkflow()
      • metaInfoRequestAcknowledged

        public void metaInfoRequestAcknowledged()
      • metaInfoObtained

        public void metaInfoObtained​(MetaInfo metaInfo)
      • errorGettingMetaInfo

        public void errorGettingMetaInfo()
      • confirmedStartedArchivingPV

        public void confirmedStartedArchivingPV()
      • getPvName

        public String getPvName()
      • getMetaInfoRequestedSubmitted

        public Timestamp getMetaInfoRequestedSubmitted()
      • getAbortReason

        public String getAbortReason()
      • setAbortReason

        public void setAbortReason​(String abortReason)