Class CleanUpAnyImmortalChannels

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    public class CleanUpAnyImmortalChannels
    extends Object
    implements BPLAction
    This is a reasonably dangerous call. It appears that there is a bug somewhere in CAJ (or in the engine code that uses it) where we leave channels hanging around in an inconsistent state. Specifically, we seem to have an entry in the ChannelSearchManager but the channel itself has not proceeded to the tcp/ip circuit. This code forcibly closes these CAJ channels. Now; I'm unclear what that does to the engine layer above; it may leave the engine in a state where we need to restart it. However; I'm going to attempt this on one of the stuck PVs soon. I'd rather fix the bug in CAJ but until I can get Matej a reproducible usecase....
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      • CleanUpAnyImmortalChannels

        public CleanUpAnyImmortalChannels()