Class ArchServletContextListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, javax.servlet.ServletContextListener

    public class ArchServletContextListener
    extends Object
    implements javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
    This is a ServletContextListener expected to be registered in web.xml that serves as the source of dependency injection. For now, we hardcode the entries, but later these can be picked up from a config file/JNDI if needed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArchServletContextListener

        public ArchServletContextListener()
    • Method Detail

      • contextInitialized

        public void contextInitialized​(javax.servlet.ServletContextEvent sce)
        Specified by:
        contextInitialized in interface javax.servlet.ServletContextListener
      • contextDestroyed

        public void contextDestroyed​(javax.servlet.ServletContextEvent sce)
        Specified by:
        contextDestroyed in interface javax.servlet.ServletContextListener