Class PBFileInfo

  • public class PBFileInfo
    extends Object
    Gets some information about PB files. Important information includes the first and last event.
    • Method Detail

      • getPVName

        public String getPVName()
      • getDataYear

        public short getDataYear()
      • getFirstEventEpochSeconds

        public long getFirstEventEpochSeconds()
      • getLastEventEpochSeconds

        public long getLastEventEpochSeconds()
      • getPositionOfFirstSample

        public long getPositionOfFirstSample()
      • getPositionOfLastSample

        public long getPositionOfLastSample()
      • checkPayloadInfo

        public static void checkPayloadInfo​(LineByteStream lis,
                                            String pvName,
                                            ArchDBRTypes type)
                                     throws IOException
        Checks the payload info and makes sure we are using appropriate files. This assumes that the lis is positioned at the start and subsequently positions the lis just past the first line. So if we need to position the lis elsewhere, the caller needs to do that manually after this call.
        lis - The line bytes stream
        pvName - The PV name
        type - Enum ArchDBRTypes
        IOException -